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David's Resale Paintings

David created this page for his collectors who wish to de-accession their paintings by David Loren Bass. He invites collectors to contact him either by email or phone to discuss the dispensation of their painting (s), the current values of the piece (s), the resale commission, and the use of this page.

Often collectors need to downsize to smaller homes and don't have the space to exhibit the paintings. Other times, collectors have no immediate heirs who wish to have the paintings. As a solution to this dilemma of what to do with the paintings, this page exists for use in disposing of their paintings instead of assigning them to the usual auction houses, third market galleries, consignment shops, or, heavens forbid, a junk store that have no idea of the value of the paintings.

Over the years David has sold his paintings directly to collectors by-passing the private and non-profit galleries, art agents, and auction houses. By so doing, there is no public commercial trail of established values. This information rests solely with David and his extensive archives of the work and the sales thereof. He has built the values of the paintings since and is the official determinant of their values which he has managed to grow from year to year starting around 1973.

With this section of the website, David will post a photograph of the particular art work (s) with its description, a brief provenance, and the sales price. He will accept inquiries via email or phone. All listed prices are based on the current wholesale price he would ask from his Santa Fe studio.



1998:0011 Room in Tangiers, 1998
Monotype 16 x 12 Inches

Matted with 8-ply 100% rag mat to archival standards, glazed with regular glass, and ample gilt wood frame size 30 3/4 x 24 inches. Ready to exhibit.

Provenance: Private Collection, Santa Fe, NM. This monotype of a recollected memory of experiences in Morocco was purchased directly from David's studio in February 1998 at 825 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM. The monotype remained in the private collection until 2012 when the owners deaccessioned it for resale here. The monotype was created and printed at Scott Sweezy print studio in Albuquerque, NM. It was created by David working with oil-based lithographic inks on Arches rag paper. It is signed and dated on the front and back.

Price: SOLD


2000:0083 Confluence of the Gallina and Chama Rivers, 2000
Watercolor 16 x 20 Inches

Matted to archival standards, glazed with regular glass, natural maple frame. Ready to exhibit.

Provenance: Private Collection, Greensboro, NC. This watercolor of a landscape in northern New Mexico left the studio in 2000 from a private exhibit in Greensboro. The painting was discovered in a consignment shop in Greensboro in January 2012 and purchased for resale by the artist.

Price: $1,700.00


1986:0092 Moroccan Market 5, 1986
Oil on Cotton Canvas 50 x 38 Inches (Image)

Condition:Painting is framed in a shadow-box,natural pine frame.
The condition of the painting is excellent.

Provenance: Inventory of the Artist, 1986-1991;
purchased in 1991 by Private Collector.
Private Collection, Corrales, NM,1991-2012.

Price: $9,500.00


81:0014 Artist Studio 11, 1981
Oil on Canvas 29 x 26 Inches (Image)

Provenance: Framed by artist with pine strip frame. Painting features the interior of David's log cabin home/studio in Greensboro, North Carolina. Provenance: Private Collection, Greensboro, North Carolina. This oil on cotton canvas was purchased directly from the artist from an exhibition held in the Studio in 1981. It has remained in the private collection since.

Price: $4,000.00


71:1001 Morgan's Valley 14, 1971
Oil on Paper 7 3/4 x 9 1/4 Inches (Image)

Framed professionally with glass and mat. The ground was primed with acrylic gesso before application of oil paint.

Provenance: This painting was created in the summer of 197l on a painting trip in the mountains outside of Morganton, North Carolina. David was visiting with friends Ernest and Louise Morgan who were at their Morganton home. Ernest Morgan was the principal of Kenitra American High School in Morocco where David taught from 1967-1973. This painting was among some of the first paintings he created in preparation for graduate school at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro (1971, 1973-1975). The painting has remained in the private collection since purchase from a local exhibition around 1978.



2003:0035 Chama Mesa-Cliff Bowl, 2003
Oil on Canvas, 20x16 Inches (Image)

Framed in a carved, wooden frame with white linen liner.  The painting is in excellent condition.  It is of a site off a road going to Christ in the Desert Monastery, a Benedictine Monastery located north of Abiquiu, New Mexico and along the Chama River.   Ready to exhibit.

Provenance: This oil on cotton canvas was donated to the Holly Fair, a fund raiser held each year by the San Geronimo Community Presbyterian Church in San Geronimo, California. David's husband, Rev. John G. Scott, was minister of the church at the time and the church subsequently became David's church of membership. It was purchased from the Holly Fair Silent Auction. It has remained in a private collection since its purchase in 2006.

Price: $2,000.00

Please contact David Loren Bass by either phone at 505-466-2557 or by email at for further information and purchase.